Burnt building

Burned down car garage (Cause of the fire: short-circuit in the fax machine.)


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 Fire Protection

Fire endangers and kills people, destroys property and leads to expensive shortfalls of production and to high consequential costs. To prevent fires before they develop is our task, or at least keep their extent controllable.

Expert for fire prevention

Here the fire protection has to be coordinated with different demands:
Creative requirements and technical possibilities of execution, choice of building materials and least but not last the economic interests of the client.

We are your competent partner for the whole planning and implementation process!

We create ...

Smoke zig-zag

Smoke-exhaustion simulation in a sports facility

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 Sicherheits- und Gesundheitsschutzkoordinator
(Safety and Health Protection Coordinator)

Expert proofing

Constructional supervision of fire protection work (air duct L90)

Since June 1998 the "Regulation over Safety and Health Protection on Building Sites" (Building Site Regulation) is in force. This regulation serves the substantial improvement of safety and health protection of the employees on building sites and it is part of a conversion of the EG- Guideline 92/57/EWG.
Starting at a certain size of a building site, every building-owner is obligated to order a qualified safety coordinator for the length of the construction measure.
Kind and range of the coordination result from the building site regulation as well as from the RABs "Rules for industrial safety on building sites" (Regeln zum Arbeitsschutz auf Baustellen).